Wednesday, April 9, 2014

After long sleep, i will be back soon

Hey Guys! It's been a while since my last post. I will be back soon with my culinary journey!!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Magnum Café by Magnum Ice Cream

Hai guys, how are you? I just went back to Indonesia just for four days to do my graduation. When i touched down Jakarta, my friend called me and invited me to join a lovely dinner with her at M-cafe. Do you know M-cafe? Let me refresh your memory, Magnum Cafe, i think one year ago every one was talking about Magnum Café by Magnum Ice Cream. They opened at Grand Indonesia just for 3 months, and now they are back and their change their name to M-café The House of Chocolate.

Friday, December 14, 2012

MR.Crunchy: Mini Rengginang

Hai, sorry for the absence! Haha... Back to November Mr.Crunchy email and offered me their product, Mr.Crunchy is a mini rengginang snacks. Since, i love rengginang, i didn't mind to try their product... Mr.Crunchy send me: 

1 pack MR.Crunchy rasa pedas
1 pack MR.Crunchy rasa keju
1 pack MR.Crunchy rasa Sapi Panggang
1 pack MR.Crunchy Rainbow
They send me a lot...  

Regginang is a Indonesian traditional snack, made from cooked glutinous sticky rice and seasoned with spices.Normally, the rengginang size is big, but Mr.crunchy introduced a new concept of rengginang, That is mini rengginang, so it help us to eat rengginang without leaving a crumb all over the place.

Psst! my mom took this photo she want be a photographer... 

 Rasa Keju

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sembawang Hills Food Center: Tat Poh Chicken Rice

It's been a month, and i didn't do a lot of culinary journey... So, i want to share about a hawker near my house, There is a stall called Tat poh Chicken Rice. Why i want to share you about this stall? Because their food is very cheap only $2.5 for small portion and $3 for big portion... Now days, it's very hard to find cheap food in Singapore, sometimes the price is very high but the quality is not comparable. Okay, back to Tat Poh. I tried their chicken rice and their roasted pork, i love them both but i the roasted pork more. 


Friday, October 26, 2012

One dollar Ice Cream

One dollar ice cream, Yes! First time I came to Singapore I'm very curious about it... Because many people ate it at the street and when i looked at the stall, we must queue to get the ice cream. But i thing it was worth it. The Ice cream has smooth texture, not to sweet and not easily melted. There are so many flavors i can't remember the flavor because different stall sell different flavor. My favorite is chocolate mint. But last Sunday i brought chocolate chip. Take a look my One Dollar ice cream.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sweet and Snack Sapporo Petit : Takashimaya

First time i ate Sapporo Petit, it was 10 months ago when I went to Singapore with my family. Basically my mom told me to buy it. She was interested because there are so many people queue for this tiny doughnut. I wasn't interested at that time but when I tasted it, I really like it, moist and not to sweet. Then, I promised to my self if i come back to Singapore i will buy Sapporo petit again. So, when i came to Takashimaya last Saturday, I went to Sapporo Petit. The queue wasn't long and i really glad about it . I brought 8 tiny doughnut and it cost $ 4.80. 

And this is my petit doughnut...


 8 petit doughnut - $ 4.80

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

S11 - Near Ang Mo Kio Hub

Today, I went to ang mo kio hub to buy things for my room. My belly was begging for lunch because it's already 2 AM. So i went to s11. Since i really curious about laksa in Singapore i decided to order it. Only waited for 3 minutes...